Monday, 22 March 2010

Starting A Group

I have decided that rather than just stomp around town getting angry at every health food shop and "alternative" therapy centre, I am going have decided to try to begin a local group of like minded thinkers and to that end have emailed a couple of my favourite orgs for advice. Time will tell if they respond favourably, but it has to be better than my see sawing blood pressure and those awful forums full of, in this order; trolls, IDiots, Creat -ins, snobs and superiority-complex dick heads. I read them all and its a sad fact that misinterpreted moods in the written word cause chaos. So I am going to try to bring together some people - real people who think like I do and do some talking about serious subjects close to home using good old fashioned mouths, brains and ears as tools and hopefully giving woo in Lanzarote a run for its money. If anyone would like to help me or just join, please contact me. I am hoping any advice I get from my hero's orgs will avoid any pitfalls I come up against and at least give the thing some semblance of organisation. It could take a while, but I am just sat on the sofa right now doing NOTHING about the pseudo-sciencey stuff around me that makes me sad and disgruntled and I would like to try to start to do SOMETHING.

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Marmaduke Dando Hutchings said...

Good on you Mark, I'll join it