Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Day From 250 Miles Up.

I am honoured and delighted to have found the twitter feed from a real live astronaut, Soichi.  He has a regular feed and posts most days and is well worth a follow if you do not already.  He even obliges by taking the odd photo and posting them for all to see upon request, and even if you dont manage to get him to snap your choice, the existing ones are just so bloody fascinatingly interesting.  Give him a look, he has some links to a few other 'nauts so it should always be possible to keep a live link up to the ISS when he returns to earth.

Particularly interesting was the pics of the space shuttle approaching out of the darkness ready for its recent docking for a 2 week stay, half of which is over now.

I am posting this picture in the hope that even a few of you get stuck in, jump on to twitter and see the things that are going on in the name of science, right at the cutting edge on the way out to space.

View from Node 2 window. Background is Africa. on Twitpic

Congrats, successful docking of Space Shuttle Endeavour! We'll... on Twitpic

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