Friday, 11 September 2009

My Latest TV Series

I have just found out the last TV series I wrote the music for, with a freind,  is due to be aired this Monday , 14th September 2009 on the Crime and Investigation Channel in the UK and each Monday there after at 9.00pm.  Here is a taster. If there were God, he was a complete bastard to these poor families, and some of them STILL turned to the church for comfort, something that I can not get to grips with.  I hope He is pleased with Himself.  Of course, as I am a non beleiver I wont accept that "He moves in mysterious ways" for an explination, nor that the families in question must have deserved it or any other clichéd pap from the holy books.  It was a very hard series to write for and you can only feel compassion for these poor people.  I beleive that in death there is nothing and so they can not suffer anymore at least - I hope those left behind find strength in reason and civility and steer clear of quack relief in all its forms, however hard it may seem considering the state of their greiving minds.


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