Friday, 9 January 2009


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and introduce my new blog.   

My name is Marc Johnston,  and I am a musician by trade.  I have always had an interest in theology,  faith and philosophy but I am always left wanting more.  Religion doesn't do it for me, I cant see it.  I hate watching people getting screwed by psychic hot lines and spoon bending maniacs.  I recently found that there are a movement of people who think a bit like I do and while I don't claim to understand or agree with all they say,  I do find a certain comfort in their being around.  I´d like to have a few sentences at the start of this scary but exciting time to outline my intentions for this place so here we go.

1.  These are just my own views and as I am embarking on a journey into skepticism and my own reaction to it,  will very likely change frequently.  I am currently very open to all things aimed at outing the underhand removal of anything of any value from the vulnerable, be that money, material things or just messing with their mind.  Amongst other things, this means psychic drivel,  paranormal bullsh!t and mass scaremongering for the benefit of any kind of gain and that includes the regular collections in churches, TV evangelism and Astrology.

2.  I don´t believe in a higher supreme being,  God,  Deity,  sun worship or any other kind of worship FULL STOP - for now,  nor am I looking to.  I am trying to stay open to what I don't know and don´t personally understand,   but so far have been repelled (rather than attracted to)  by any kind of organised religious faith by the very means and ceremony used to entice and call to prayer.  This DOES NOT and I want to make this perfectly clear,  ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT  mean I have any problem with anybody else exercising their right to what ever belief comforts them and I will never intentionally set out to personally offend anybody.  If my beliefs clash with anybody Else's,  I hope we will be adult enough to understand that its this diversity that makes for intelligent debate,  and we all know where misinterpretation and non compliance in religion can get us,  even putting aside the cultural differences that religious belief can add to the mix. 

Its going to be difficult at times,  I know.  My inspiration for this blog comes from the discovery of James Randi and his Educational Foundation,  from there I have read a few other sites,  links, blogs and downloaded podcasts from them also,  and at times it seems the movement its self is becoming a little too like a religion.  Herein lies a problem for me.  I don´t like being corralled into anything.  

One podcaster,  Brian Dunning at the excellent Skeptoid  is asking for donations of 99c a week for his very well put together weekly podcast,  but goes on to say that 70,000 people downloaded the last one.  If half of them paid (i didn't, but I am considering a smaller contribution as I realise the work that goes into the recording and his hard work does deserve re numeration)  his (and I´m guessing here) $35,000 podcast starts to look a bit like the reason I am starting this blog - even a tenth of that for a 10min mp3 is enough in my eyes.  Go to any half decent hotel and you will find those helpful Gideons have nipped in before your arrival and placed a copy of the bible there for you for free.  The TV programs churning out vast amounts of woo-woo are even provided for free in my country of residence.  

Now I admit,  I can no more understand the finances relating to the maintenance of a site of the magnitude of than I can those of a lunar landing.  I simply do not understand the amount of physical work that goes into the production of that excellent podcast in terms of research,  but as a recording engineer - part of my job as a musician,  I would consider myself lucky indeed to be re numerated to the tune of a few hundred dollars for a 10 minute recording of a single voice.  I am guessing again here as the sonic quality could be somewhat obscured by the effect of the compression applied on conversion to mp3 format,  but it does sound a bit on the "home made"  side especially the production technique using "telephone EQ" setting for external quotes,  but I digress,  I love them.  All of them have so far given me something - I just can´t seem to put a dollar value on them when there are 70,000 of them going out each week,  these are just audio fliers at the end of the day.  It must be the natural socialist in me and I apologise if the poor guy is taking a hit producing them,  but my opinion is,   for what it may or may not be worth,  its too many beans!.  

So,  even in my intro I am doubting my own doubts........skeptical of the master skeptics.....well, lets see where it takes me.  Again,  I have no wish to offend.  I hope to spread the word of Skeptiod and sceptic related sites like JREF,  and maybe people will find the excellent work appealing enough to pay the full whack - I´m not ready just yet. 

I hope you come along for the ride on my journey and I am looking forward to some scintillating debate.


Tom said...

all iam saying hey marc... Ive enjoyed reading your blogg and want to congratulate you on sticking your head over the parapit, standing up and being counted.
There is just so much stuff leading humanity down blind alleys and lots of it is pretty darn disgusting.In the the name of God for example there are so many people taking the planet for a ride!!
I have always been a "truth-seeker" and I think as "adults" there can never be any fear attached to not only learning more "truth" while exposing and ridding the planet of its dross in order to create a world that truly works for everyone.
Theres so much to do in order to achieve this BUT all of us can make a difference,and just letting all the nonsense continue is just opting out and doesnt work.... a quick message to the opt outers.. its ok..relax... whatever works for you....but fully wakening up is a pretty neat space to get to.
Disagreements over what you say I m sure will occur and I m pretty confident you will ruffle some feathers but hey ho, maybe if it brings about any kind of major upsets, maybe those folk need just take a look at themselves and their more than likely sentimental theories of what this life is all about,as opposed to breaking through into reality.
I m sure I ll post you again as I have just put your blogg into my favourites.
Love and Peace to you Marc

Tom Armstrong

Tom said...

Back again Marc...
Just a few quotes I like and hope you and other bloggers may find useful.
They are the words of Henry David Thoreau...

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of who is striking at the root."

"Live your beliefs and you can turn your world around"
and last but noy least

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions,perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears,however measured or far away."

Hope you like them Marc..

Love and Peace

Tom Armstrong

Tom said...

My earlier Thoreau quote should have read " one who is striking at the root"...
Hope that clears that up!
Seems to me thats where where you are headed...

Love and Peace
Tom Armstrong